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This website is my portfolio and playground. I share insights, experiences, and discoveries in the world of SEO and beyond. Join me on this journey!

Dear Child, study something real!

Ever heard the joke that studying the humanities leads to a career as a taxi driver? I’m living proof that’s not the case! My passion for digital trends, SEO, and online marketing has allowed me to combine my interests in the humanities, intercultural exchange, and technology.

From Textual Analysis to Search Engine Optimization

My path from the humanities to tech SEO might seem unusual, but my interdisciplinary background has been invaluable. Studying cultural studies, humanities, and intercultural communication at renowned universities such as the University of Bayreuth, the University of Edinburgh, and the University of Cambridge sharpened my analytical skills and my understanding of language and communication—skills that also prove valuable in SEO.

Hermeneutics, Exegesis and AI: A Fruitful Connection

The in-depth study of hermeneutics, exegesis, and intertextuality (from Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew to German and English) helps me understand the impact of entity relations and nuances of language, informing my SEO strategies in the age of AI and LLMs. The study of methods and scientific approaches aids me, for instance, in understanding the relativity of objectivity, which helps me navigate discussions about bias in AI.

SEO as an interface between language and technology

My expertise in hermeneutics, exegesis, and text analysis, coupled with my professional experience in SEO and technology, makes the discourse on language models, NLP, and generative AI a central topic for me. IIn my career so far, I have successfully worked with developers, content managers, IT, branding, social, and local teams. My focus is on crawl and index management as well as entity SEO, with great emphasis on data analysis using tools such as GA4, GTM and LookerStudio. I understand SEO as UX-oriented product management with a focus on machine readability, visibility, and crawlability.  

Interdisciplinarity as the key to success

My career path, which may seem unusual at first glance, shows that seemingly distant disciplines such as the humanities and technology can be profitably combined. This interdisciplinarity enables me to develop innovative SEO solutions and master complex challenges in the area of ​​search engine optimization.

Exploring Lydia Einenkel’s Key Motivators

Curiosity and thirst for knowledge are my constant companions. I love delving into complex topics, discovering new technologies and finding creative solutions. The ever-evolving world of SEO and digital marketing is a playground full of possibilities for me.

My expertise

As a quick learner and flexible thinker, I specialize in technical SEO, product management, content strategy and data analysis. My strength lies in understanding complex relationships and developing tailor-made strategies that deliver measurable results.

Why I love what I do

SEO is the perfect blend of my professional and academic passions. It combines my love for language, data and technology. The field’s dynamic nature constantly challenges me to grow and evolve. I am particularly fascinated by the interface between humans and machines, which is becoming increasingly important through LLMs and NLP. Here I can profitably use my knowledge of hermeneutics and text analysis to optimize communication between humans and machines. The interdisciplinary nature of SEO, ranging from technical aspects to creative content strategies, makes every day exciting and varied. It is an area where I can continually grow and develop professionally while living my passion for language, data and technology.

My professional experience

My professional journey has taken me through various industries and companies, from small start-ups to large corporations. I gained valuable experience in the areas of SEO, UX design, project management and data analysis. I have learned to quickly adapt to new environments, motivate teams and successfully complete projects.

Insights into my life: curiosity, adventure and audio book junky

My free time is characterized by my insatiable curiosity. I love discovering new places, experiencing foreign cultures and getting to know different philosophies – traveling is a source of inspiration for me. Always by my side is my loyal companion Jessy, an energetic dog who shares my passion for long walks. On our forays around the world, I’m rarely found without headphones. Podcasts and audiobooks from the areas of SEO, product management, tech, business, sociology and AI are my constant companions. Thanks to Jessy’s tireless energy and my preference for 1.5x speed, this adds up to a few hours.

The freedom and flexibility of life as a digital nomad has always appealed to me. My career as an SEO specialist fits this lifestyle perfectly as I can work from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. The constantly changing environments stimulate my creativity and encourage new ideas and strategies.

Traveling allows me to immerse myself in different cultures and develop a deeper understanding of different markets and user behavior around the world. This global perspective is invaluable for SEO as it helps me develop more targeted and effective optimization strategies.

My interests are broad and range from New Work, an unconditional basic income and the future of work to increasing productivity and deep focus to global (in)justice and Germany’s role in neo-colonialism. I am intensively involved with technological trends, statistical principles and gadgets, but also with cognitive science and psychology. Always looking for new insights and inspiration, I love dealing with a wide variety of topics and broadening my horizons. So I used the switch to distance learning during Corona to study psychology and social work for a few semesters at a state university. I have now taken part in almost 50 conferences, seminars and courses in the area of ​​online marketing. Here are some of the most important ones:

2021 Mobile Experience certification through Google Skillshop

2021 Google Analytics – IQ by Google Skillshop

2021 Quantitative Methods from the University of Amsterdam on Coursera 

2020 HTML Basics from SoloLearn 

2018 Conversion optimization from 121WATT GmbH – School for Digital Marketing & Innovation

Questions or comments?

I am always open to exciting conversations and sharing knowledge. Whether you have questions about SEO, are interested in my experiences as a digital nomad, or just want to chat about the latest developments, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can or via my profile on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing from you!

This website is a gateway into my world, where I share my experiences, insights, and continuous journey of learning and discovery.

Lydia Einenkel